Independence Day

Here I am, Hoisting the flag,
Symbol of freedom that I have,
Remembering the braves who made the ultimate sacrifice,
To give us this country, you and me a safe life,
It’s not just another holiday,
It’s our Independence Day.

Let’s rise up, let’s get together,
To make this country even better,
Forget the race, community or gender,
Come together, let love take the center,
Let’s work for better future today,
For our country on this Independence Day.

Let’s bring down the heaven on earth,
Let’s make our soldier’s sacrifice worth,
You and I can achieve anything,
But first let’s put in everything,
Make it a country in which gods would want to stay,
Wish you a very Independence Day.


Happiness – A Quest

We keep searching and working for happiness,
Criteria keeps changing, in the end its just loneliness,
Today we wish a better job, tomorrow it will be a promotion,
Search for happiness is just a big commotion,
If we keep looking we will never find,
Just look back you have left it behind,
The crazy night out with the friends,
The date you had filled with romance,
The family dinner where all you do is talk,
Or let it be just a simple morning walk,
Not everything in life is going to be snappy,
But trust me, you don’t need a reason to be happy.

Open your arms, feel that breeze on your face,
Let all your tensions fly away from you with grace,
Enjoy dressing up with flair,
Feel the love around you in the air,
Enjoy the walk in the park,
Let the kid out who is inside your heart,
Why are you angry, Why are you sad,
Nothing in life can be that bad,
Don’t let the smile go off your face,
Life will go on at its own pace,
Enjoy each moment, Live life to the fullest,
Just be happy, be your best.

Spring – Life Back in Action

Season of flowers is here,
No more cold no more fear,
Flowers all around, birds flapping their wing,
Here comes my favorite season called Spring.

Children playing in the ground,
Walking on the road hearing all kind of sound,
Running and dancing around, feels like I am a king,
Here comes my favorite season called Spring.

Sunshine, rainbow and rain,
No more the freeze, no more the chilling pain,
Trees coming back to life, you can hear the wind sing,
Here comes my favorite season called Spring.

– Ravi Kumar


Day by day my life keeps getting busy,
Finding time for one another, I know its not easy,
I miss all the beautiful golden days,
We were free as birds and expressed love in many ways,
Be it the ride on the bike or walk in the rain,
Or just touch of your hand when I was in pain,
I am lucky to have you as my wife,
No matter what happens, I will love you for life.

I always wondered how our life will be,
Growing old with the girl I always want to see,
We had our bad days and times that were rough,
But we stood together, We were tough,
Life will be fun, I promise you that,
I still have a lot of tricks in my hat,
Lucky I am, that we are together,
No matter the age, I will love you forever.

People often wonder, what the meaning of true love is,
Now I also don’t have a answer to this,
But when I come home from a day of tiring pace,
I forget all that, just by look of smile on your face,
You make me happy, no matter the situation,
I have the confidence, I am in the right relation,
Sparkle in your eyes, Like the morning dew,
I just know you are my true love and I love you.

– Ravi Kumar

The Homeless Guy

The night was dark and no moon in the sky,
It was then, when I saw this homeless guy.

Not much to wear, just some old torn cloths,
He looked weak, but his board was high on hopes,
It read, Invest in me now and I will give you back,
I have the talent, It is investment that I lack,
I read those words and wondered why,
No one stops to help this homeless guy.

He had a blanket in which he covered his dog,
The look in his eyes, He must love him a lot,
I took him to restaurant near by for some food,
But for some reason, people were rude,
Along came the food and he ordered all Thai,
Never had I seen the glitter as in the eyes of this homeless guy.

We spoke and he explained the circumstances,
He had lost the job as he took a lot of chances,
He worked as delivery boy and timing was the factor,
His fault, he had dreamed of becoming an actor,
Irony is he got a food order by a TV cast,
Little did he knew, that delivery was his last,
Begging for money had made him very shy,
But still high on hopes was this homeless guy.

I gave him a fifty and played with the dog,
Little do we know every one of struggles a lot,
From the corner of his eyes, tears were rolling down,
So much of gratitude, I felt I would drown,
I wished him well and went on home,
I saw him walk towards the city central dome,
Try helping someone today, someday you might get it back,
Don’t be so busy, just cut some slack,
If you are capable, and want to rise high,
Just try helping out some homeless guy.

– Ravi Kumar

Life Goes On

I have travelled the world, I have seen it all,
One thing I have learned is to stand tall,
Don’t give up if you can not make it on your own,
Just remember one thing, Life goes on.

Be true to yourself, don’t let yourself fall,
All your happiness lies just after this wall,
Feelings can be hidden, but expressions are all shown,
Just remember one thing, Life goes on.

Somethings are greater than money in life,
Stop now, Come out of all that trife,
It does not matter you are a kid or all grown,
Just remember one thing, Life goes on.

Things will turn around, Everything will be alright,
It will not happen just over one night,
Nothing can stop you, you are not alone,
Just remember one thing, Life goes on.

– Ravi Kumar

Living the Dream

What is it you would call living a dream,
Search for happiness, Is there ever a end to it,
Today I am happy, Tomorrow I am not,
I just want to be free from all the thoughts,
Sit below a tree under the sunny beam,
Close my eyes and live my dream.

Its hard to believe, its hard to see,
If not here, where would I be,
Questions for which I see no answers to,
Sometimes I wonder if you think that too,
Watching the children rejoice, just for a Ice Cream,
I just wonder, am I living my dream.

Life keeps changing and it always will be,
And secret to happiness is clear to me,
No Worries, No Lies and No Regret,
Believe me, that is the very best bet,
It is now, It is how and It is here,
I gave you the secret, live your dream dear!!

– Ravi Kumar