The Homeless Guy

The night was dark and no moon in the sky,
It was then, when I saw this homeless guy.

Not much to wear, just some old torn cloths,
He looked weak, but his board was high on hopes,
It read, Invest in me now and I will give you back,
I have the talent, It is investment that I lack,
I read those words and wondered why,
No one stops to help this homeless guy.

He had a blanket in which he covered his dog,
The look in his eyes, He must love him a lot,
I took him to restaurant near by for some food,
But for some reason, people were rude,
Along came the food and he ordered all Thai,
Never had I seen the glitter as in the eyes of this homeless guy.

We spoke and he explained the circumstances,
He had lost the job as he took a lot of chances,
He worked as delivery boy and timing was the factor,
His fault, he had dreamed of becoming an actor,
Irony is he got a food order by a TV cast,
Little did he knew, that delivery was his last,
Begging for money had made him very shy,
But still high on hopes was this homeless guy.

I gave him a fifty and played with the dog,
Little do we know every one of struggles a lot,
From the corner of his eyes, tears were rolling down,
So much of gratitude, I felt I would drown,
I wished him well and went on home,
I saw him walk towards the city central dome,
Try helping someone today, someday you might get it back,
Don’t be so busy, just cut some slack,
If you are capable, and want to rise high,
Just try helping out some homeless guy.

– Ravi Kumar


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