Day by day my life keeps getting busy,
Finding time for one another, I know its not easy,
I miss all the beautiful golden days,
We were free as birds and expressed love in many ways,
Be it the ride on the bike or walk in the rain,
Or just touch of your hand when I was in pain,
I am lucky to have you as my wife,
No matter what happens, I will love you for life.

I always wondered how our life will be,
Growing old with the girl I always want to see,
We had our bad days and times that were rough,
But we stood together, We were tough,
Life will be fun, I promise you that,
I still have a lot of tricks in my hat,
Lucky I am, that we are together,
No matter the age, I will love you forever.

People often wonder, what the meaning of true love is,
Now I also don’t have a answer to this,
But when I come home from a day of tiring pace,
I forget all that, just by look of smile on your face,
You make me happy, no matter the situation,
I have the confidence, I am in the right relation,
Sparkle in your eyes, Like the morning dew,
I just know you are my true love and I love you.

– Ravi Kumar


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