Happiness – A Quest

We keep searching and working for happiness,
Criteria keeps changing, in the end its just loneliness,
Today we wish a better job, tomorrow it will be a promotion,
Search for happiness is just a big commotion,
If we keep looking we will never find,
Just look back you have left it behind,
The crazy night out with the friends,
The date you had filled with romance,
The family dinner where all you do is talk,
Or let it be just a simple morning walk,
Not everything in life is going to be snappy,
But trust me, you don’t need a reason to be happy.

Open your arms, feel that breeze on your face,
Let all your tensions fly away from you with grace,
Enjoy dressing up with flair,
Feel the love around you in the air,
Enjoy the walk in the park,
Let the kid out who is inside your heart,
Why are you angry, Why are you sad,
Nothing in life can be that bad,
Don’t let the smile go off your face,
Life will go on at its own pace,
Enjoy each moment, Live life to the fullest,
Just be happy, be your best.