Living the Dream

What is it you would call living a dream,
Search for happiness, Is there ever a end to it,
Today I am happy, Tomorrow I am not,
I just want to be free from all the thoughts,
Sit below a tree under the sunny beam,
Close my eyes and live my dream.

Its hard to believe, its hard to see,
If not here, where would I be,
Questions for which I see no answers to,
Sometimes I wonder if you think that too,
Watching the children rejoice, just for a Ice Cream,
I just wonder, am I living my dream.

Life keeps changing and it always will be,
And secret to happiness is clear to me,
No Worries, No Lies and No Regret,
Believe me, that is the very best bet,
It is now, It is how and It is here,
I gave you the secret, live your dream dear!!

– Ravi Kumar